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a serendipitous lounge

non-alcoholic | tea | chocolate | kava | art


offering indoor seating and

roof top patio seating

Thursday 5-11pm

Friday 5-11pm

Saturday 5-11pm

Sunday 5-11pm

Monday 5-11pm

722 North Sumner St

Portland Oregon

Tel : 503-519-3415

Upcoming Events

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but while your here...

Heart Song Circle with Lulu

when: Every 2nd Sunday, 2-5pm


Heartsongs are simple call and response songs that everyone can join in. They are songs that light us up, ground us in, and connect us to each other.

Let's gather together in the sun on the heated patio or inside if it's chilly. Bring the Heartsongs that we all know. Bless us with your own songs. Take us on a poetic journey to enliven our souls.


cost: Suggested $5-$25 + 1 drink min. purchase

Open Mic Fundraiser for Winnemucca Elders

when: Saturday, February 18th, 7-10pm

Open Mic (without a mic or stage)

when: Sunday, February 19th, 7-9pm

(check our instagram for actual time)

No stage here, this is an open session open mic of sorts inspired from Jahnavi's travels overseas.  All expressions of creativity welcome.

Land Social

when: Sunday, February 26th, 3-5pm


Land Social is a networking gathering where all people who have an interest in stewarding the land, living off grid and/or in community.

This month we welcome special guest Scott Howard who is master builder of all structures COBB.

Check out his website at


Spoken Work Open Mic

when: Sunday, February 26th, 7-9pm


Special host Ryan Kwan takes us on a wonderful journey with your help of course!  This is a specific spoken word open mic session where all forms of such are welcome.  Sign up upon arrival.  

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We honor and thank the Polynesians, Hawaiians, Micronesians, and Asian-Pacific Islanders, for protecting the islands, the animals, and the South Pacific Oceans. Through their perseverance to survive past and modern day colonization, the history and wisdom of the ancient ways are maintained.

I can support by embodying change. Imbuing reverence and respect can take the form of learning Pacific Islander history, their culture, their wisdom.  Humility and kindness when visiting the Islands are also ways to honor those indigenous to these regions.  All too often people take vacations without reverence or respect for the places they visit.  Please educate, listen, and change accordingly so that we might create a better World.

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