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Tea Lounge Consultation

I’d love to offer my knowledge, wisdom, and encouragement of running a small non-alcohol tea lounge business.  This offer is extended to Indigenous entrepreneurs whose ancestry is of the South Pacific Islands, Pacific Northwest, and/or South American tribes.  It is because of these ancestors that our Nalu hub is able to exist.  Thankful I am for all the nourishment from the drinks of Kava-Kava, Cacao, and the cradle of being located here on the Multnomah, Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, Clackamas, Cowlitz, Cascades, and the Confederated Tribes of Siletz peoples lands.  This offering is at the moment the best way I can give back.  Potentially such consultations could amount to well over $10,000 in regular circumstances where such services are exchanged for money-flow.  It’s such a honor to offer this.  I hope some driven and passionate humans engage!  


About me:

My experience is 20 years in the service/hospitality industry, 15 years in specific kava and tea lounge service, and six years of business ownership.  I am thankful for plenty of lessons,  failures, and successes!  I am also a single mother of a great vibrant human who is 10 years old.  



Those seeking this service will be asked to compose a letter explaining who they are, their passions, goals, and current standing in relationship to such. 

Space is limited but I can create a waitlist if time allows. 


Email for further inquiries.


All my love,

Holland and Nalu

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