a serendipitous lounge

non-alcoholic | tea | chocolate | kava | art


offering indoor seating and

heated roof top patio seating

Thursday 5-11pm

Friday 5-11pm

Saturday 5-11pm

Sunday 5-11pm

722 North Sumner St

Portland Oregon

Tel : 503-519-3415

Upcoming Events on Roof Top Patio


Live Music w/ Rhythm

Thursday, October 14th 7-9pm

Singer/Songwriter Rhythm gives us a glimpse into the poetic inner workings of muse and musician.

Open Heart Kids Mic

Sunday, October 17th 3pm

An Open Mic for Kids held on the roof top patio.

Snacks and drinks available.

Open Mic

Sunday, October 17th 7-9pm

(If you share we gift you with a Kava)

Book Club

Friday, October 22nd 6-8pm

The Book is Buddhist Boot Camp by Timber Hawkeye.

A short and sweet easy read - lets discuss, share, and rejoice.

Live Music w/ Kyla

Thursday, October 28th 7-9pm

Singer/Songwriter Kyla brings a unique blend of Hawaiian roots with her creative love of rock and acoustic guitar.

"Talk Story" A Monthly Gathering to Discuss and Share

Oct. 29th  7-9pm "Lets Talk about Death"

Allowing the flow of friendship and conversation to guide us, lets see where we end up as we explore our beliefs around death.  

Special guest and friend Eduardo will guide us through traditions from his home and Mexican culture which honor ancestors and those who have passed on.


Sunday, October 31st, 5-11pm

We are open! Come in costume or come as you are. Possible improv dance party, possible open mic. Let's see how the night unfolds.

We honor and thank the Polynesians, Hawaiians, Micronesians, and Asian-Pacific Islanders, for protecting the islands, the animals, and the South Pacific Oceans. Through their perseverance to survive past and modern day colonization, the history and wisdom of the ancient ways are maintained.

I can support by embodying change. Imbuing reverence and respect can take the form of learning Pacific Islander history, their culture, their wisdom.  Humility and kindness when visiting the Islands are also ways to honor those indigenous to these regions.  All too often people take vacations without reverence or respect for the places they visit.  Please educate, listen, and change accordingly so that we might create a better World.