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non-alcoholic | tea | chocolate | kava | art


offering indoor seating and

heated roof top patio seating

Thursday 5-11pm

Friday 5-11pm

Saturday 5-11pm

Sunday 5-11pm

Monday 5-11pm

722 North Sumner St

Portland Oregon

Tel : 503-519-3415

Upcoming Events

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A Poets Open Mic and Pilepress 1yr Anniversary

when: April 30th 6pm

Come meet and greet the heart of Pilepress- a local women-owned alternative publishing collective for women, non-binary, and fluid creatives. You can sign up for the Poet's Open Mic starting at 6pm.

Meditation Monday

when: the 1st Monday of every month

We welcome Rabiah for intentional guided singing bowl meditations. Start times are 6:30pm and 7:30pm.  

Rabiah is a Reiki Master and sound healer offering both indivudual and group healing sessions. Follow her on Instagram @rabiahanais 

Heart Song Circle

when: Every 2nd Sunday, May 8th 1-4pm 

Heartsongs are simple call and response songs that everyone can join in. They are songs that light us up, ground us in, and connect us to each other.

Let's gather together in the sun on the heated patio or inside if it's chilly. Bring the Heartsongs that we all know. Bless us with your own songs. Take us on a poetic journey to enliven our souls.

cost: Suggested $5-$25 + 1 drink min. purchase

Live Original Music by Siena & Ryan Kwan

when: May 15th 7-9pm

Siena Christie is a country-folk singer-songwriter based in Vancouver, Washington. Her crystal-clear voice and keenly empathic lyrics have earned comparisons to Alison Krauss, Jewel, and Shawn Colvin, as well as critical acclaim both locally and nationally. Most recently, she won Best Overall Song in Portland’s Folk Festival’s song contest for her entry “Dear Northland.”


Ryan Kwan is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter based in Portland, OR. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Ryan blends lyrics thru the depth of his psyche and emotions and weaves them with a range of eclectic moods and rhythms as strumming folk-punky grooves on the uke or melodic fingerpicking guitar. His vibrato voice is often reminded of Beirut and Devendra Banhart. Known in the local community by the song “Mystery Cloud”. 
Some of his music can be found here

cost: donations for musicians appreciated

and a portion of drink sales are also given to musicians

"Talk Story"

when: Monday, May 23rd 7-9pm

Talk Story is a term used throughout the Hawaiian Islands and means to talk, discuss, share, and enjoy another's company.  We have a monthly Talk Story series where we pick an compelling topic, gather, and revel in each other's perspectives.  This month we decided to explore the ever so intriguing topic "Death".

Join us in listening, there is never a need to participate unless you feel compelled.

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We honor and thank the Polynesians, Hawaiians, Micronesians, and Asian-Pacific Islanders, for protecting the islands, the animals, and the South Pacific Oceans. Through their perseverance to survive past and modern day colonization, the history and wisdom of the ancient ways are maintained.

I can support by embodying change. Imbuing reverence and respect can take the form of learning Pacific Islander history, their culture, their wisdom.  Humility and kindness when visiting the Islands are also ways to honor those indigenous to these regions.  All too often people take vacations without reverence or respect for the places they visit.  Please educate, listen, and change accordingly so that we might create a better World.