a serendipitous lounge

non-alcoholic | tea | chocolate | kava | art

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Friday 5PM-10PM

Saturday 5PM-10PM

offering heated patio seating

and limited indoor seating

(call for details/reservations)

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722 North Sumner Street

Portland Oregon


Tel : 503-519-3415

In Hawaiian, Nalu most commonly refers to the waves or surf of the moana, the ocean.

It’s also a verb, showing the state of waves… 

Ke nalu nei ka moana, The ocean is full of waves.


Nalu carries more poetic, less obvious meanings, however.

In keeping with the concept of water and liquid, Nalu is the amniotic fluid that surrounds and protects an unborn child.

We honor and thank the Polynesian peoples, lands, and oceans. May the wisdom of the Ancestors guide us.

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